Dear Mom,

I love you and when you tell people what I do, just regurgitate the text below. I am sorry I didn’t write this for you 20 years ago. I deluded myself into thinking that everyone should know what a Creative Director does and if it needed an explanation all the mysticism and illusion would evaporate.  That is still true today, however, I am over it.



Executive Creative Director:

A Creative Director develops, drives and delivers the VISION for the project (brand, commercial, website, campaign, event, physical space, digital space, product, etc…) they have been hired to drive.


A successful Creative Director must be equal parts MBA & MFA. In addition to being masters of design, art and technology, they must fully understand: business (sales, marketing, accounting, operations), politics (both internal and external), multiple markets, macro and micro economics, scientific methods, sociology, anthropology, psychology and complex media landscapes. A Creative Director must be able lead a mishmash team of left brain and right brain thinkers (programmers, designers, illustrators, photographers, engineers, analytics experts, copywriters, analysts, strategists…) all of whom necessarily get very attached to their ideas and research. The only way I have found to lead a team loaded with such necessary diversity — and not produce total crap  — is to have an amazing VISION. That VISION should never leave the side of anyone involved with the project; therefore, it is the Creative Director’s job to ensure that the VISION is crystal clear, inspiring and stapled to every person involved in the project.


The only difference between a Creative Director, an Artist and an Entrepreneur is that the Creative is for hire. Otherwise, they all require the same skills and VISION to be successful.


If your projects do not have the VISION and conviction described above I suggest you make some changes and give me a call. I am available for project work as I am also busy working as an Artist and Entrepreneur on my own projects.

Digital Culture Specialist:

I totally made this title up. As a Creative Director, it is my job to make stuff up when the available choices (Digital Business Expert, Digital Strategist, Experience Designer, Digital Analyst, Digitologist) do not fit. I embody these definitions, however, they do not fully describe the skills necessary to see the cultures at work (both internal and external) in order to design for optimal success. Therefore, I am a Digital Culture Specialist.


I have spent my entire career in digital. Every major project I have completed since I was 15 (I am 45 now), has involved a significant digital component: Building video games and crude digital art in the late 80’s. Using CAD, Photoshop and digital workflows to build restaurants and bars in the Early 90’s. Building HTML web portals, inventory management systems, CRM’s and integrated POS systems in Mid 90’s. Building Intranets, Flash art & games, action script, video & photography from the late 90’s to late 2000’s. Making art, apps, robots, commercials, viral videos, online advertising, digital sculptures, complicated workflows, social networking, using collaboration tools, and telling non linear stories from early 2000’s to now. What’s next? Bring it, I will figure it out.


“Speed now illuminates reality whereas light once gave objects of the world their shape.”

Paul Virilio


In order to build and run successful digital projects I have found it necessary to work with clients and collaborators on building digital business plans and the internal digital culture to ensure project success. Most companies I have worked with do not have a digital culture that resembles their customers. If it is true that speed illuminates reality as Paul Virilio states above, then the culture necessary for success in a digital economy had better be able to learn and pivot very quickly! I can help with that.

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